Brad A | Houston, TX

We have reduced our Rig Moves by 1 day after deloying the RigEye mobile unit. I'm not quite sure how we did this before. We are now looking to see how else we can use these guys!

Company Man | Texas

I use RigEye’s fixed cameras on the rotary floor and their PTZ (pan, tilt zoom), so I can zoom in on the torque gauge and leave it there while they run casing. I also have a visual record of each joint and what it’s torqued to.

Rig Manager | Alaska

I can keep an eye on my hands up on the floor, watch what’s coming over the top of my shakers, or keep the camera zoomed in on who’s coming on and off my location.

Rig Manager | Texas

We’re using RigEye to formulate safety training procedures, using archived video recorded from our Operations.

Company Man | Wyoming

I like having RigEye to watch who’s coming on and off my location, and having a visual record of it in case something happens.

Sheldon V | Utah

Once I started using RigEye’s camera system on my shale shakers, I saved a minimum of 6 barrels of mud a day, and that’s on the conservative side, saving me thousands over the course of each well.