Safety / HSE

Safety / HSE

"If there is technology that could help prevent or deter (insert bad thing here), would I use it?"

RigEye's Drilling CCTV and Top Drive video solutions are "Situational Awareness" tools, allowing your field personnel to perform their duties while keeping an eye on the overall operation. Our Eyes never sleep. A typical system is deployed providing the operator and contractor with full location visibility. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be in all locations at one time. RigEye gives you this ability.

RigEye can be deployed in areas to reduce trips into hazardous zones, such as high-pressure locations, irons and areas with high voltage. Keeping your personnel away from these dangerous spaces, reduces your overall exposure to accidents. Why send a human in, when you can have a constant visual elsewhere on location.

In the event of an accident or incident, RigEye can assist your HSE group with accident reconstruction and investigation. In addition, RigEye can aid in safety performance standards and procedures, allowing key personnel the ability (if desired) to spot check operations and document environmental spills and risks.