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About Us


Why RigEye

Since our founding in 2006, RigEye has steadfastly maintained its position as a leader in Oil Field CCTV video solutions. Our dedicated core team is committed to the continuous adoption and integration of cutting-edge technology in all our services. We are firm believers in the transformative power of advanced technology, including the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies, to enhance productivity and ensure the safety of our work environments. Our commitment to innovation extends to developing solutions that not only prevent issues but also provide immediate insights, allowing for proactive management and decision-making.


When you choose to work with RigEye, you’re choosing a partner that guarantees expertise from our certified technicians, who are trained to tailor their skills to meet the specific needs of your operation. We proudly manufacture all our systems and equipment within the United States, which ensures access to the finest engineering and integration services. Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer personalized solutions, including integrating our video feeds directly into your control centers for real-time monitoring and decision support. Our dedication to innovation and quality means we are continually evolving to incorporate the latest technologies to better serve our clients’ needs.

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