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SERVICES and Applications

Drilling Rig Video CCTV system

RigEye enhances safety and situational awareness with its flexible Drilling Rig Video CCTV System, featuring four wireless cameras strategically placed at crucial areas such as the Rig Floor and Shale Shakers, customizable to your team’s needs. Our quick, trenchless installation minimizes disruptions, and the video feeds are displayed on consoles in key locations like the Company Man or Tool Pusher’s office, with options for additional consoles and a rugged outdoor display for Drillers. Trust us as your oilfield CCTV partner to not only improve operational efficiency but also to ensure the safety and security of your operations.

RigEye systems offer location-wide and remote access, with easy addition of devices as needed. Our technicians tailor setups for optimal monitoring angles, and the latest software includes tablet and mobile support for maximum flexibility. Engineers can quickly consult on procedures from any location via login for immediate on-site presence.