Products and Applications

Drilling Rig Video CCTV system

RigEye’s flagship product is the Drilling Rig Video CCTV System. Typically, four cameras and one console are installed at specific locations to meet the varying preferences of your team – options typically include: Rig Floor, Shale Shakers, BOP, Top Drive, Back Yard, Flare, etc. We are not limited to only four cameras, this is just our starting point. Since our system is wireless on location, our installation is usually pretty quick with no trenching needed. For displaying the video feeds, we will install a console in the the Company Man or Tool Pushers office. We are not limited to 1 console, often times, we will have them in several different locations. Should you desire a Console for the Driller, we offer a Rugged Outdoor Hi Brite display, that can be mounted on the Rig Floor or elsewhere. We are your trusted oilfield CCTV partner!


As with any of our systems, location-wide access, remote viewing capabilities, and the facility to add devices at your discretion, are included. RigEye acknowledges your individual environment and our technicians will assist you to achieve the best monitoring angles possible. With the latest generation of software, we have added tablet and mobile capabilities for further flexibility and ease. Do your engineers need to make quick calls on a certain procedure off location? Login and you can be there in seconds.